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DevilLidro Prince[link] one funny video enco so rude :p
The Encornado Catchmeifyoucan Show with Odyssey
Enjoy the show between our special [needs] guests, we invited them justfor you!
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Enco Officer  True story
Lockborn   I thought you guys were close with Driz? lol what happened
DevilLidro Prince  @lockborn it is just a joke locky :p not anything serious or hate or flame brah

They want $130...
The Lord of the Rings Online | Mordor
Note: The instance cluster and raid will follow in a patch soon after launch. **All in-game items will be delivered at launch (scheduled to release the week of July 31.+) after the...
DevilLidro Prince  added 360 Advanced days to MI6
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Aru   what is wrong with you?
Nebi Officer  @Arusha, the MI6 dream must live on.
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